composed by Martin Falk

a piece in three pages...

Page 1

"Skarv" means "shards"; the composer's name should link through to their website. It's a very nice piece: rewarding to play, and fun to speculate about. The technique required is beyond me for now, but with Page 1 at least I had the luxury of multiple trials. I stopped at what felt like the point of diminishing return. For Pages 2 & 3, genuine expertise is required. Again, I tried, and I'm happy to add quality versions if people want to supply the sound files. It might add another dimension of multiplicity to the piece.

Here's one version by a real guitarist

Page 2

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Send your version along with a brief bio and I'll add you to the list. Immortality beckons!


Page 3



I always tell my students about the value of reflection in learning, so ... eat your own cooking

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